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Wall Planter Large

Wall Planter Large


Plants are a great way to add a little life to your home. These planters combine old and new materials to create something special that will stand out and add something special. They are a beautiful way to display your airplanes or small succulents. They also work great with candles to add a little ambiance in the evening. Use a single planter to add some interest or use multiple to create a statement!

Available in natural and whitewashed finishes. If you desire a certain stain or color please let me know.

Each order includes a single planter that is able to hold 3 plants

measurements approx: L - 20”, W - 3.5”, D - 3”

These planters are made using reclaimed wood, stainless steel, and glass jars. The wood is thoroughly cleaned and prepared and strengthened using a penetrating epoxy.

plants and candles not included. electronic candles are recommended for a safe clean alternative.

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